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Join CLAC! 2023 April CLAC Legislative Update Webinar 4/27

April 26, 2023 9:53 AM | Anonymous

With just more than one week left in the 2023 Colorado legislative session, the CAI Colorado Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) would like to invite you to register for and attend a one-hour webinar providing a Colorado legislative update by members of CLAC on Thursday, April 27th at 1 PM MT.

HB22-1137 – The Saga Continues
CLAC has engaged in stakeholder meetings since October to express a wide range of issues created by HB22-1137 which resulted in a bill draft that addressed a large chunk of these. However, when vetted by HB22-1137 proponents, the bill took an immediate about-face and began to entertain concepts that went against the interests of CAI, CLAC, and the community association industry in Colorado.

Both proponents and opponents agreed that additional conversations need to occur, and data should be collected before moving forward on any type of cleanup bill. Given the short amount of time remaining in the session, neither party believed that meaningful discussions and solutions could result in a supported bill this session. At this time, there will not be a legislative fix to HB22-1137 introduced in 2023.

While disappointing, the promise of no additional action by proponents and a commitment to take a deep dive on the issues created in HB22-1137 IS a step in the right direction as it also avoided additional harmful measures that would have likely passed given the current makeup of the legislature. Leadership commended CLAC for providing their perspective and following appropriate avenues. 

HB23-1105 - Being Put to Task
Homeowners’ Associations and Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force are making its way through the legislative process. This Task Force (which may turn into an interim committee) is being considered as the forum for continued HB22-1137 conversations in the interim. CLAC is processing the HB22-1137 survey data to bring to the table. To date, we have received 434 responses to the survey out of the approximately 2600 that were sent out. If you receive this email, please take the time to fill out the CLAC’s HB22-1137 Survey if you have not done so already.

To hear more about these legislative items and updates to others that are pending please register and attend the CLAC webinar being held on April 27, 2023, at 1 PM MT.


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