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CAI Southern Colorado

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Legislative Communication for CAI Southern Colorado

September 01, 2023 11:25 AM | Anonymous

This is an update that I am sending to you as your friendly local Southern Colorado Chapter Delegate to CLAC:


The HOA Task Force (created in the last legislative session) has come alive on the DORA website. I just took the survey and it shops for negativity. If you live in OR work in a community association, you are eligible to take the survey. Please do so and encourage your Board Members, colleagues and friends to do so as well. Also, please register where the community you are referencing is located using the Map widget. There are a lot of angry stories and on here so I’m hoping we can sprinkle in some good vibes and kindness.

Under one of the “Other” checkboxes I literally wrote that I thought they were trying to find reasons to be angry with HOAs. For me, I am angry that our Board has no enforcement mechanisms to maintain the beautiful community where my family invested. But what do I know? I’ll probably break down and support the next fundraiser for our clubhouse…

Scroll down on the page to find the survey and the “story telling” and “map” widgets


Go forth and multiply (the use of this survey).


If you are interested in serving on the Colorado Legislative Action Committee as a Delegate, Southern Colorado Chapter has one opening (and the LAC overall has several openings) and is seeking volunteers immediately. I will help train you on your roles and responsibilities over the next year (October to October). CLAC also provides an orientation. Please contact me or our LAC Chair, Danaly Howe, directly. DHolley@hearnfleener.com or DanalyCLAC@ccgcolorado.com


The CLACsic Golf Outing is on September 20th at Arrowhead Golf Course in Roxborough. It is an afternoon tournament. Please register and play! There will be a dinner afterwards. You do not have to golf to participate, $50 per person for dinner only. http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=tbpumj9ab&oeidk=a07ejtn1cygf2038f7a

Thank you to all the companies already supporting the CLACsic (if you don’t see their name, ask them why not!):

Smith Jaden Johnson


5280 Waste

Mountain View Pella

VF Law

AGS Construction

Hearn & Fleener

Burg Simpson

Infinity Roofing

Peak Pro Painting

ServPro of Fort Collins

Association Reserves

Blue Frog Roofing

Ella Washington’s American Family Insurance Agency

CoCal Landscaping

ServPro SCS

Sunland Asphalt

Reconstruction Experts

Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors!

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